My Tintri Tech Talk – Episode 1

Here’s inaugural Episode of what I’m calling “Tintri Tech Talk” – The point is to provide great technical content as well as community updates.

Feedback is always welcome 🙂


The next chapter…

Where to begin?  Over the course of my IT Career I’ve served many different roles, starting with Help Desk all the way up to co-running the vSphere Environment of a Fortune 500 Retail Organization to moving to Chicago to be a Pre-Sales Engineer for Veeam.  Through the course of time I’ve gained many real-world IT Experiences.  Two years ago I was presented a very unique opportunity that allowed me to move from the end-user side of the world to the Pre-Sales Engineering side.  With this career move I picked up my entire personal life and hit the ‘pause’ button – I moved just myself (not my family) to Chicago IL and joined the Great Lakes Teeam of Veeam Software.  For me, this was a career “game-changer.”

Now let’s fast forward to present time.  Moving back to Pittsburgh and continuing to work for a superbly fantastic technology leader as well as maintaining the level of success previously achieved was something I longed for.  Opportunities like this don’t come around too frequently, so when they do – you must capitalize.


I have had the pleasure of working with many of the Tintri Team Members through the course of my Professional IT Career.  Joining team Tintri allows me to accomplish all of my professional as well as personal goals.  “Excited!” — That would be an understatement.

You might ask – Why Tintri?

Virtualization is a game changer, PERIOD!  Over the course of the last 2 years, I’ve met with hundreds of customers.  Pretty much every single one of them said the same thing…’We virtualize as much as possible.’ In that same conversation every single customer had some type of storage issues within the Virtualization Realm.  As you begin to peel back the onion and look at the Environments that today’s IT Squad’s are faced with running, each is being challenged to do more with less.  Providing the ‘light switch’ of IT Services to their Business Consumers is PARAMOUNT!  Without these IT Services every company would fail.

Tintri provides IT Administrators the ability to easily, reliably and quickly scale the Virtualized Environment.  Built on a 100% Flash First Architecture, Tintri ingests all IO into Flash!  Wow, OK – so it’s Hybrid?  Indeed.  The Tintri OS has the ability to track every 8k block and evict the least frequently used to HDD.  To the business I can deliver > ms latency for every single IO!!

A Tintri operates under 3 key pillars:

  1. Storage Intelligence
  2. Infrastructure Insight
  3. VM Control

The entire process of un-boxing, racking, initial setup and migration of VMs is under an hour.  No more LUNs, storage pools, RAID groups – all that stuff that makes Legacy storage not virtualization friendly is dead with a Tintri.  Just like Veeam – Tintri is 100% built from the ground up soley for running VMs.  Everything on a Tintri VMstore is related to VMs and vDisks.  Drilling into the GUI or Tintri Global Center – you can quickly see end-to-end analysis on a per VM or per vDisk level.

There’s so many other cool features that make the life of the Storage and Virtualization Admin Happy, I could go on for quite a while.  The most important piece is: A happy business = A happy IT.

Interested in learning more?!!?  Hit me up @ClintWyckoff on Twitter or cwyckoff@tintri.com – I’d be happy to give you a personal tour!

I’m extremely pumped to begin this journey.  Let’s get to work!